The VIN number is 7G55826H9 – and assuming my references are correct, this verifies the bike is an FXS-80 (“7G”) and it was a 1979 model year (H9). The stamp on the frame (this is the only VIN that matters, by the way) and the crankcase are the same. Since the rolled off the assembly line together, I plan to keep it that way in the future!

Out of Storage

As it was rolled out of the storage shed for the first time in years…

The previous owner of this Harley died a few years ago and I bought it out of the estate. Not much information was available, and the bike appears to have been well ridden. I am not certain this is the original sheet metal – the gas tank is a split tank and I think the gauge cluster has been changed. No matter… I see this as a blank canvas to build something new. I don’t feel like there is any need to preserve this bike in any original form, but I do want to take full advantage of the shovelhead engine on this scoot.