Old Gas

Right side of the tank. Note the tight paint… was hoping to keep it.

Wow… there is just something very bad about the smell of old, varnished gas. The smell hits my brain and seems to burn itself in to my senses – like staring at the sun too long and seeing spots in your vision. Only a smell. The garage stinks, my clothes seem to stink, and I can’t get it out of my nose!

So today I decided to get to work on the gas tank(s) on the Lowrider. It has a “FatBob” style split tank, so there are two halves to work with. Unfortunately, the insides are rusted and there is a bad liner in the tanks. I am guessing, but it looks like someone tried to line the tanks with Kreem and now it is bad. The water and rust got under the liner, the liner lifted, and now everything seems to be a big mess. Getting this shit out of there is going to be a challenge.

One option is taking it to a radiator shop and letting them etch and boil the mess out, but that will probably wreck the paint. The paint is pretty nice and I was hoping to preserve it… but now I am not so sure.

I did what I felt I could get done – which wasn’t much – then decided to go have a beer and pizza and think about it.

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