Shop Time

When I was a kid, it was important – well, required – that after school I changed my clothes and found my dad. My “job” was to follow my dad until supper time. (Yes, we called it “supper” on the farm.) It seems to me that as many times as not, I ended up in the shop helping him on everything from routine maintenance to whatever he might be building, fixing, or working on at the time. And – because he is my dad – he was (and still is!) awesome.

This post is really about rebuilding the wheels on my Lowrider project, but indulge me a little here.

I remember being amazed that my dad not only knew the size of bolt heads by looking at them (“That will need a 9/16 socket…”) but he knew how to pick up exactly the right wrench! My first job: learn the wrench sizes (as well as the difference between a 1/2″ drive and a 3/8″ drive ratchet) and be able to hand them to him when he asked for them. When dad said “Get me a 3/4″ end wrench and the big vice grips.” – he wasn’t planning on waiting a long time for me to look at every wrench!

Remember… lefty loosey… righty tighty…

So today I tore down the rear wheel and the front wheel. Sprocket (51 teeth) is off. Rear disc is off (damn, there was a lot of LocTite there!), Front discs are off. The wheels need new bearings and seals, but to be honest, I did not feel like fighting the grease and muck tonight. I made some progress – and I taught my mano that it is “left loosey, righty tighty”. That seems like a pretty good two-beer night in the garage. The grease will wait until another day.



Some Images from the Wheel Work…

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