Wiring Pictures

Leads come in from each handlebar through the top, and a bundle go to the frame out the back. This is the interconnection point for all the wiring!
Wiring and connectors in the headlight bucket.
Beginning to sort out the connectors, the bundles, and a little slack.


12-pin connector. Note the plug as a reference point.
Headlight lamp connector – just three wires here! Ground, hot, high beam.

Here are the pins, removed from the connector. Note the seal still needs to slide off.
Beginning to disassemble the email connectors from the connector body.
This pigtail connects to the top of the bucket and works the indicator lights.
This “Y” connection is a common wire to both handlebars, and the one wire that needs to be cut and re-soldered later.
A shop notebook (hopefully) helps when it is time to put it all back together again! Always take good notes.
Connectors are off and the bundles are ready to be removed from the bucket.
One leg of this connection will need cut in order to free the wire bundles. It will be soldered back together during rebuild.
More notes and drawings. The wiring diagram and service manual will help too!
Voila! The cable bundles are coming out. Next, remove the headlight bucket.
Note the plastic grommet holding the bundle in the bucket. These compress, push out, then open up and free the wire bundle.
One of the grommets coming off the wire bundle after removal from the headlight.
Rubber seal slips off the wires. When assembled, this seal keeps out dirt and water.
Cutting this zip tie will let the wire bundles come up through the triple-tree and then the handlebars are free!
Headlight and handlebars are off! Now for the triple-tree…

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