Just 5 Minutes… (Teardown Day 2)

OK, I got home from work and just wanted to think through the project. But something is telling me this thing is going to get stripped to the frame, the frame will be sent out for powder coating, and I will rebuild it from the ground up. Meh… could be worse. So – sitting there looking at the bike, I thought “Hell, it won’t take that long to drop the rear wheel.” True enough – brakes are off (another decision to make there… more later), chain is off (the PO loved grease), shocks came off easily (most likely junk), and the rear axle came out easily enough. Probably about 30 minutes with no cussing. The problem is, the bike was unbalanced on the stand. Nothing to do but take off the front wheel.

Front brakes off. Brake lines stowed. Bottom caps off and the front wheel is off. Another 30 minutes, plus time for a beer (maybe 2) and a chat with the neighbor. Hey – Jordan has a flat-head Ford in his garage in some state of rebuild, so how can you not stop to shoot the breeze about important things like this? The lower ends of the front forks are painted (thanks, AMF) with the same shitty paint on the rest of the cast parts. I am thinking it will all get powder coated, but nothing is set in stone. Yet.

So… 5 minutes, 2 hours – who cares? Progress is progress. Oh, and today I ordered the H-D shop manual for this ride as well as the official parts list. Should be here in a week or two… If I spend most of January on tear-down, the spend won’t begin until February! ha.

day 2
Shocks, brakes, wheels – gone. Helper showed up for the photo op… typical. He might be in a union.

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