Gas Tank & Guages




I don’t really know why, but the gas tank and gauge cluster on this bike leave me with mixed feelings. I am not even certain they are original for this bike – more on that as my research advances!

At least some of the ’79 FXS bikes had a speedometer that went to 150 mph. While I don’t think the bike ever went that fast, it is a cool idea. I will continue to search for the “correct” gauge cluster.

The gas tank… well, talking about the gas tank leads to discussing the paint, and discussing the paint leads to talking about the color of the bike. Hmm. The paint appears to be original factory paint and the fenders match. And the paint is in good condition – no scratches or other problems. It seems like a shame to paint over it. On the other hand… the color leaves me, well… unmoved. It is kind of cool and retro… but not awesome. I need to think about this some more. I don’t see any reason not to paint the entire bike, but I have not decided yet. Maybe as I spend more time working on it and getting to know it better, the direction of the paint will become clear to me.

My biggest beef with the tank is the profile, and more specifically, how it drops down and obscures the rocker boxes. I wanted a shovel because the top end is so cool – so making them hard to see seems counter-productive. (And I am thinking about some special treatments for the rocker boxes… more on that later.) So I need to figure out how to change out the look and profile of the tank.

The engine is going to be the centerpiece of this bike when it is done. This is what makes it cool, and while I don’t want to destroy the original design intent of the Lowrider, I also want to make certain the shovelhead is front and center.

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