Electrical Connections

Well the day started off with a tedious task… small work that goes slowly.

Wiring and connectors in the headlight bucket.

When you see the Deutsch connectors in the headlight bucket on a Harley, the first question is “how the hell do I get these wires out of here?” Yesterday’s work stopped for me because I could see no way to get the connectors through the holes, and I certainly did not want to cut wires! Well, 10 minutes on YouTube and I had the answer… you need to disassemble the connectors. That’s right – every wire and every pin gets taken apart!

12-pin connector. Note the plug as a reference point.

So the day started with the tedious work of using a very small screwdriver, prying up small latches, and pushing out make and female connectors. But before taking out the wires, I was certain to document the wire colors, locations and in the connectors, and what wire bundle goes where. I am certain this will be a PITA when it comes time to reassemble everything.

Here are the pins, removed from the connector. Note the seal still needs to slide off.

Actually, the disassembly was not so bad and although my eyesight makes this a challenge, the work went pretty smoothly. The handlebars are off, the headlight bucket is off, and the rest of the major disassembly of the bike can proceed now.

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